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Please be advised that Practical Debt Solutions is NOT associated, affiliated or in connection with the debt settlement company named Lifeguard Financial or ANY affiliated offices. If you need to contact them, please do so by searching for them on the web. We thank you in advance and apologize for any inconvenience.

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At Practical Debt Solutions, we take pride in providing individuals the knowledge, tools and one-on-one customer support needed to eliminate their unsecured debt and re-establish financial stability. It is important that we understand how debt settlement works. Our debt specialists are standing by to assist you and provide the support necessary to obtain debt relief in 12-36 months. Our debt settlement program has resulted in reductions of up to 60% of unsecured debt, saving our clients thousands of dollars in principal balance and eliminating high interest payments. We must make the commitment to change, individually.

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Save up to 60% of your debt obligations & eliminate high interest       rates
Obtain financial freedom in 12-36 months
Get relief from harassing creditor calls with the "DAAN" Module       ("DAAN" module is complimentary for the initial 90 days of our       program)
You can do without the stress & high costs of bankruptcy &       consumer Credit Counseling Services
Friendly and reliable customer service